Founded in 2015, Shanghai Yunzhou Information and Technology Ltd. (also known as ZStack) is a Chinese leading cloud computing technologies vendor that specializes in the research and development of cloud computing software and hardware. ZStack has more than 400 employees, around 70% of them are R&D and technical team members. ZStack has successfully provided the state-of-art cloud computing technologies to more than 2500 enterprise users coming from over 30 countries. And it provides productized services include ZStack Private Cloud, ZStack Hybrid Cloud, ZStack Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and ZStack Ceph Enterprise. ZStack’s outstanding performance and powerful self-development capabilities have attracted a lot of giant enterprises such as China Telecom, Alibaba Cloud, Shenzhen Capital Group to become its strategic investors. Having a rapid growth of business within mainland China as well as in the international market, ZStack expanded quickly, having 6 branch offices at various different cities in mainland China. In December 2021, ZStack had officially established global headquarter in Hong Kong to cope with rapid international expansion. And developed sales team in Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and India. We target to provide services for 20+ countries or regions in the coming three years and will proactively deliver our corporate mission “Empower every enterprise to have their own cloud” to every corner of the world.



ZStack Cloud

ZStack Cloud, adhering to the 4S standards (Simple, Strong, Smart, Scalable), provides you with powerful private cloud features and addon services.Featuring lightweight deployment and open-source, the Cloud now supports diverse version planning to better meet your various business requirements.

ZStack Cloud Enterprise is a productized Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software that provides a unified platform to manage compute, network, and storage resources in data centers.

ZStack Cloud Hybrid seamlessly interconnects the control plane and the data plane, bringing users an ultimate, easy-to-use hybrid cloud experience.

ZStack Cloud Standard includes a full set of compute, storage, and network virtualization features and allows users to allocate and expand their resources on demand.

ZStack Cloud Basic provides an easy-to-use enterprise-level virtualization platform to meet customers’ needs for unified management of virtualized resources.

ZStack Cloud Community provides a simple, easy-to-obtain productized private cloud platform with well-designed features for community users such as teachers, students, and cloud computing enthusiasts. You can apply for a free download to build your own private cloud platform and experience the compute, storage, and network features and services.

ZStack Ceph Enterprise

ZStack Ceph Enterprise is a distributed software-defined storage product with industry-leading performance, reliability, and manageability. It helps large enterprises and operators build tens of PB scale storage pool.

ZStack CMP

ZStack CMP provides full lifecycle management that covers multi-cloud resource access, provisioning, use, planning, service delivery, application deployment, O&M, resource billing, and resource recycling.



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