Sales Analytics

A comprehensive view of sales performance across various dimensions for a business

sales analytics tableau accelerator

Sales analytics is crucial for any company aiming to optimize its sales operations and enhance its financial performance. Kepro’s Sales Analytics Accelerator delivers key insights into sales performance over time, profitability analysis, and geographical sales distribution. The accelerator has below key features:

  • Annual and Quarterly Sales Tracking: Monitors sales in the current financial year, along with a quarterly breakdown to track progress and seasonal trends.

  • Profit Analysis: Details the profit margins for the current financial year, offering a stark comparison with previous periods.

  • Vendor and Customer Insights: Evaluates sales performance by vendor and customer, identifying top contributors to revenue and profit.

  • Geographical Sales Data: Provides a visual map of vendor sales by region, highlighting market penetration and geographical performance.

  • Performance Metrics: Detailed metrics such as a slight decline in sales compared to the previous period (by 0.02%) and a significant increase in profits (by 831%) are prominently displayed.

This accelerator is essential for examining which customers and vendors are driving business success and understanding the global distribution of sales, enabling targeted strategies for growth. It gives you a comprehensive overview of sales and profit performance across years. It allows companies to drill down the business and gain a deep understanding of the connections between suppliers, customers and products with interactive charts. With this easy-to-use dashboard, your management and sales team could keep track progress, identify patterns and optimize sales strategy. You could explore even more by ingesting data with multi dimensions. Try it out and you will discover potential business opportunities. 


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