QAX Technology Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as QAX, stock code 688561) was founded in 2014 and specializes in serving the cybersecurity market by offering next generation enterprise-class cybersecurity products and services to government and businesses. With its continuous commitment to R&D innovation and security capabilities centered on actual offensive and defensive, the company has grown to be a domestic leading cybersecurity provider with its strength built on big data, artificial intelligence and security operation technology. QAX is the Official Cyber Security Services and Anti-Virus Software Sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. The company has also established business presence outside Chinese mainland, such as in Hongkong, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada etc. QAX is oriented to the construction of new infrastructure and digital business, uses the methodology of system engineering, and is combined with the idea of "endogenous security". QAX takes the New Generation Cybersecurity Framework as the top-level guidance, and "data-driven security" as the technical concept. With the goal of creating disruptive and asymmetric capabilities in cybersecurity, QAX uses "human and machine" collaborative operation as a means, creates a network security collaborative defense system for the Internet of Everything era. The company boasts comprehensive and innovative cybersecurity products and services along with well-established business models across R&D, procurement, production and sales, which helps the company to provide government and business users with comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions targeting emerging business types and application scenarios made possible by new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, internet of things, mobile internet, industrial internet and 5G.

Products & Services

SkyEye (NDR)

SkyEye is to establish a security analysis platform centered on protecting against APT attacks. With advanced threat detection and data analysis as its core, it provides security operation system for online assets protection, safe operation and maintenance, cyber threat detection, vulnerability discovering, analysis and traceability, response disposal, situation awareness and presentation.

Terminal Threat Detection and Response System (EDR)

QI-ANXIN new generation of terminal security management system is supported by big data technology, with reliable services as the guarantee, and integrates to achieve accurate host detection of malicious codes, effective defense against APT attacks, security intelligent management and control, and reinforcement of the shutdown system. Link with network side equipment to form three-dimensional protection.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

QI-ANXIN LegendSec next-generation smart firewall is an innovative firewall product that can comprehensively respond to traditional network attacks and advanced threats. It can be widely used in the business network boundary of government agencies, various enterprises and organizations to achieve network security domain isolation, refined access control, efficient threat protection and advanced threat detection and other functions.

Secure Web Gateways (SWG)

Be selected in 2020 Gartner Secure Web Gateways (SWG) Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities for Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateways (SWG). QAX SWG is a professional Internet behavior management product. It provides a powerful web filtering, application control, outbound information audit, application-level bandwidth management.

Zero Trust Security Solution (ZTNA)

QAX Zero Trust Security Solution, is a data-centered, identity-based architecture which provides continuous evaluation and adaptive access control mechanism for enterprise resources and digital assets. The solution builds a trust chain from multiple dimensions from people, devices, environment, and access behaviors, helps enterprises achieve a new generation of cybersecurity architecture with comprehensive identity security, dynamic authorization, risk measurement, and agile management.


QAX SOC helps government and enterprise customers to continuously monitor the security posture by collecting multiple and heterogeneous massive logs, using correlation analysis, machine learning, threat intelligence etc., upgrading the system form "passive defense" to "active defense".

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response System (SOAR)

As a security orchestration, automation and response system with advanced technology, complete functions, and practical security operations in China, QI-ANXIN SOAR can help enterprises and organizations sort out the complex security operations (especially security response) processes into tasks and playbooks, convert distributed security tools and functions into programmable applications and actions, and coordinate the team, tools and processes with the orchestration and automation technology.

QI-ANXIN Virtual Mobile (VM)

QAX Virtual Mobile provides employees with a secure virtual cellphone designed specifically for mobile devices, Business applications and data are stored and operated only on the server, generating encrypted display on personal terminals where only touch control is allowed. All business data will never leave data centers, which means applications and data never settle on terminal devices, so helping companies safeguarding secure mobile officing to the maximum.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

QAX Secure SD-WAN provides wide area security networking solutions for users with multiple branches, data center interconnection, hybrid cloud and other scenarios to solve network problems such as high network operation and maintenance costs, complexity of wide area networking, meanwhile providing end-to-end security featuring "end - network - cloud”, so that making the network more secure and the security more intelligent.

The Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

QAX TIP is a product for enterprise users, which provides localized deployment, enables intelligence use, and facilitates users to efficiently use intelligence to discover threat products. TIP enables enterprises to easily use threat intelligence to enhance their own detection, response, and prevention capabilities in security construction, so as to accurately, comprehensively, and timely discover threats. It realize rapid characterization and diagnosis of events, and is able to connect with users' local security devices to achieve integrated management, and prevent attacks in earlier phases. Deploying a threat intelligence platform is critical in active defense, and it is the best way for enterprises to improve their security operations.

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