Electrical & Mechanical industry


Industrial Connector
Surge Protection Device
Signal Converter & Interbus System
Electrical & Special Cables
Power Semiconductor
DC/DC Power Supply
Electronic & Electrical Connector
Handling Cables
DC / DC Power Supply
Power Module / MOSFETs / IGBT
Power ICs
Power Zeners
Surge Absorbers
DC/ DC Power Supply
AC / DC Power Supply
DC / DC Power Supply
Rechargeable Battery
Solid-state LCB (Lithium Ceramic Battery)
Silicon Carbide (SiC)
Power semiconductor

New Spirit Technology

New Spirit Technology Limited (NST) focuses its business on the 2 areas:

The micro-electronics industry: Its primary objective is IC application designs. It teams up with strategic partners in the industry and provides custom design applications on integrated circuits solutions. These designs can be applied to toys, Consumer Electronic products, Electronic Appliances and Information Appliances products.

The Electrical & Mechanical (E&M) industry: Its primary objective is the supply of control and power (low voltage) solutions for Industrial applications, like Transportation, Renewal energy and Building services.

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