Through continuous innovation in cloud computing and IT infrastructure, xFusion provides customers with integrated, diversified, and all-scenario intelligent computing products and solutions. They are committed to becoming a reliable partner for enterprises in digital transformation, helping them develop more stable, efficient, and intelligent services.

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PRODUCTS & SolutionS

General-Purpose Servers

FusionServer Intelligent Server –
Faster, Stronger, Smarter

FusionServer series high-density servers are ideal for service applications, such as cloud computing, web-based applications, and HPC.

Artificial Intelligence Servers

Artificial Intelligence Servers –
Accelerate AI with Heterogeneous Computing Solutions

FusionServer heterogeneous servers are designed for data centers and are applicable to AI, HPC, database, and video analysis scenarios.

Mission Critical Servers

Mission Critical Servers – Open and Transform Mission Critical Application Environments for Higher Economic Benefits

Leveraging RAS 2.0 technologies and iBMC management processors, KunLun perfectly combines the open x86 ecosystem with high reliability of UNIX servers. It is ideal for a wide array of scenarios such as core databases, application consolidation for digital transformation, in-memory computing, and high-performance computing (HPC) fat nodes. KunLun delivers up to 24 TB capacity per node and leads the industry in the benchmark performance test for in-memory database scenarios. KunLun servers support features such as physical and logical partitioning to improve system reliability and resource utilization, simplify O&M, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). KunLun servers are compatible with mainstream operating systems, virtualization software, and database software. Compared with UNIX servers, KunLun servers reduce TCO by over 30%.

Intelligent Management Software

Management Ecosystem

Easily integrated to build a diversified management ecosystem

FusionServer Tool Package

Portable and Comprehensive Maintenance Tools for Higher O&M Efficiency


Embedded intelligent management system for a single server


Intelligent server lifecycle management software, improving cluster O&M efficiency by 30%


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