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About Karin Electronic Supplies Co., Ltd. (KESCO) (A member of KARIN Group)

Founded in 1977, Karin Electronic Supplies Co., Ltd. (KESCO) is the flagship subsidiary of the Karin group of companies. A recognized leader in the distribution of Electronic Components, IT products as well as Industrial Materials in Hong Kong and China, KESCO contributed to the significant growth of the electronic and micro-electronic industries in the past decades.

KESCO has built a large network of suppliers over the years, and has been appointed as authorized distributor by some of the best known brand names of the IT industry. Our vast customer base includes top manufacturers in a wide variety of products whom we have worked with for many years. Our commitments to provide our customers with quality products, warehousing, just-in-time delivery, vender managed inventory services also distinguishes ourselves from other key players in the distribution fields of Electronic and IT products.

We also provide enterprise solutions and professional services to corporate clients. With years of experience in the industry, we have a proven track record of keeping pace with technology advancement that would help enhance our customers’ competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Industry Events and Seminars

We believe partners and customers benefits the most through face to face interaction to see and understand Vendors’ solutions and services. KESCO frequently participate in industry events and host seminar workshops to directly interact with partners and IT professionals across enterprises and corporate companies.