Kepro is staffed by security consultants and specialists who are well qualified to implement security devices, access control rules, user roles or other security measures according to customer requirements in different IT environments on the customer premises or on cloud. In particular, our solutions and services mainly focus on, but not limited to, the following areas.

Our network specialists focus on plan, design and implement Next-generation firewall (NGFW) to safeguard organization from internal and external threats based on the best practice in the field.

We have ample experience to implement RBAC authorization , ADFS, integration between identity provider as well as setting up identity management server to perform single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) or other functions.

We provide IPS solutions for our customers to detect and prevent identified threats. Intrusion Prevention System continuously monitors network for signs of potential violations, incidents and imminent threats.

We deliver to customers to configure and enforce security control on local or global load balancers and integrate with the network infrastructure behind and customer applications.

Cyber Security

Kepro is keen to get our customers on board to adopt cybersecurity solutions as a means towards digital modernization. In essence, they are based on a smart, proactive or adaptive approach to security, which is enabled by the latest technologies in AI, ML or big data analytics. In particular, our solutions and services are delivered with emphasis on, but not limited to, the following areas.

We help our customers in configuring security properties for their cloud subscription plans with authorization, authentication or encryption applied to various cloud resources and objects. Notable use cases involve the provisioning of Identity and Asset Management (IAM) roles, security groups or VPN gateways to connect networks from premises to cloud. Our solutions also make effective use of the Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB) technologies to monitor user activities, customize and enforce security policies on cloud resources.

We provide solutions for our customers to experience with the functions of Micro-segmentation based on adaptive security policies. The latter are formulated from machine learning of the workload communication patterns. Use cases are subsequently identified and implemented.

We provide KMS solutions on cloud or on premises to issue and manage keys for data encrypt/decrypt and access control in organization.

We provide endpoint security solutions for our customers to safeguard device end points like desktops and mobile devices against exploitation by malicious parties and campaigns. For this purpose, we apply end point security technologies ranging from antivirus software to bulletproof protection from deceptive malware or zero-day cyber threats.

We undertake to deliver a secure DevOps environment, known aptly as DevSecOps, by defense from the off. It enables our customers to build, integrate and deploy secure applications from end to end. They are further safeguarded against malicious activities via inspection of software binaries for integrity prior to release.

Solutions are delivered to customers to apply intelligent security control to email and web communication. It is accomplished via advanced technologies in web content filtering, sandboxing, email threat isolation, encryption, anti-spamming and others.

The service is delivered thoroughly from the perspectives of people, process, policy and technology. The main purpose is to find out, mitigate any security risk and determine whether the organizations are running according to the corporate governance or guidelines on security.

We conduct penetration to our enterprise customers throughout the IT infrastructure to identify any security vulnerabilities, loopholes or irregularities like open ports, non-write protected files and setuid executables, etc. The work is usually supplemented by hardening the full stack of software and hardware components based on the industrial security standard or best practice in the relevant business sector.


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