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About KEPRO Solutions Limited (A member of KARIN Group)

Kepro Solutions Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KARIN Group, has developed itself as a leading IT solutions system integrator for enterprises in Hong Kong.  With a team full of talents and professionals, the company has grown its portfolio of well-known I.T. solutions from storage and server solutions to include Cloud services and virtualization solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

The full team of certified IT experts at Kepro cover a wide range of expertise, and are well-prepared to design and implement solutions that meet individual customer needs in solutions such as Storage Resources Management, SAN for Storage and Server Consolidation, Storage Virtualization, Business Continuity, Backup Consolidation, Disaster Recovery, and Portal and Application Infrastructure.  Our high service quality has made and won us major service contracts and the hearts of our customers we worked with over the years.

Moving on, Kepro invests on latest technology solutions like Cloud, IoT & Data Ecosystem.  We enrich our portfolio on data integration, data governance, API management, storage & advance analytic platform.  In addition, we provide consultancy and implementation service on digital transformation which provides better experience to their customers.

Our extensive portfolio of customers and experienced team continue to provide supportive services and products to equip and empower our clients to grow their businesses.



Tableau is business intelligence software that helps people see and understand their data.


Other Tableau Updates

Welcome to Tableau Desktop

The steps and resources below will help you start your journey with Tableau.

The Best Visualization for You

There are a lot of ways to visualize your data in Tableau.

Get Your Data Tableau-Ready

Tableau loves well-structured data. We’ll show you how to best organize your data to make analysis in Tableau a breeze.

Calculate your data

Calculated fields allow you to create new data from data that already exists in your data source.

Data destination—mapping

Tableau makes it easy to understand the “where” as well as the “why”

Dashboards done right

Tips to build effective dashboards

Connect all your data

Run and manage thousands of ETL jobs across your entire data ecosystem with 900+ pre-built components to natively connect databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and more.

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Adapt the platform to your projects

Get a data integration platform that works seamlessly within your existing environment and scales with your data projects at a predictable cost.

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Accelerate data delivery

Develop and deploy reusable data integration jobs 10 times faster than hand coding with an easy, point and click interface.

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Shorten the time to trusted data

Talend Data Fabric solves some of the most complex aspects of the data value chain from end to end.
Users can collect data across systems, govern it to ensure proper use, transform it into new formats, and improve quality, and share it with internal and external stakeholders.

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Alteryx takes a different approach to analytics. The Alteryx platform is purpose-built to create new data partnerships among IT, analytic teams, and the lines of business. With Alteryx, whether you are an analyst or data scientist, you can solve even the most complex analytic business problems, with less time and effort, to drive business-changing outcomes across your organization.

Unlock the Data Vault and Unleash Your Data Gurus in a Secure Way

Alteryx make your data more searchable and trackable by giving you powerful data lineage and cataloging that provides increased visibility for governance.

Grab Your Cape — Calling All Citizen Data Scientists

Flip the 80/20 data prep rule. Now you can unlock all your datasets – big or small. Alteryx made it possible to connect, profile, prep, and blend all your data, wherever it’s stored. 

Homegrown for Your LOB — Engineered to Scale with Your Enterprise

A strong analytics culture requires speed, security, flexibility, and the ability to scale. Eliminate downtime with our built-in automatic recovery capabilities.

No Month-Long Developments, Let Your Models See the Light of Day

With Alteryx, you can embed R, Python, and Alteryx models directly into your production business processes, and get insights on-demand. 

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Open Banking (PSD2) and the future of financial services

The future of financial services is under pressure from profound digital disruption. Across the globe, there are forces, both regulatory and customer-led, that open up the market to new entrants and disrupt what customers are buying — and how….

API-led connectivity

Businesses are experiencing a generational shift in competitive and operational environments due to a convergence of technological, social, and economic forces. A single characteristic is emerging as the key factor that determines a company’s success: speed.

Achieving digital transformation nirvana in financial services

Financial services firms are facing a rapidly changing and evolving set of business challenges such as the rise of APIs and apps, the battle over mobile services and the increasing complexity of omnichannel delivery…

Legacy modernization industry drivers

IT is no longer only the steward of middle- and back-office functions, but a critical business partner to growth. In this first part of a three-part whitepaper series, we’ll explore the the first of three key challenges that financial institutions’ IT functions must address: legacy modernization…

ASICS: Increasing the speed of it with MuleSoft

eCommerce redefined: Connect to your customers through API-Led architecture

Brought to you in partnership with Kepro

Across industries, consistent branding and engaging consumer experiences are important for commerce. With more and more brands growing their eCommerce presence, it becomes critical for businesses to build a strategy set-up for the future…

Powering digital delivery of over 800 state government services

“MuleSoft has provided us with a robust and flexible platform that not only supports our current activities but allows us to extend them over time. They are an integral part of our entire operation.” – Ben McMullen, CIO

From mainframe to microservices: Leveraging APIs to accelerate legacy modernization

Brought to you in partnership with Kepro

As agile upstarts continue to displace established incumbent companies, the imperative to adopt (and adapt to) modern technologies and platforms…

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First, break IT

The business of IT has changed dramatically. The emergence of an always-on, always-connected world means that old business models are being disrupted, consumers are demanding more and the world is smaller and more connected than ever before…

How our customers get it done faster

Learn how leading enterprises are achieving business transformation with speed and agility using Anypoint Platform

What if connecting your organization’s data could lead to new products and services, improve operational…

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Gartner Magic Quadrant global leader in 2019 for Data Quality Tools and leader in Forrester WaveTM Big Data Fabric, Talend provides to the modern Enterprise a total data integration solution to connect, access, and transform data for cloud and on-premise setups.

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KEPRO Solution Centre

The opportunity to try out the hardware and software solutions is valuable to customers in reducing purchase dissonance. Whether you are looking to find an integrated solution, product performance evaluation, breakpoint fix, or just want to have a trial run of the products, a trip to Kepro Solution Centre is certainly worth a visit.

Located on the 6th floor of Karin Building, 166 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, the centre is well-equipped with all our distributed product demo equipments and expertise. As such, regular enduser training and workshops are being conducted to let endusers learn and experience what our products can perform across different solution scenarios.


We offer professional services across Systems & Infrastructure, as well as Network & Security. CLICK to find out more

Industry Events and Seminars

We believe customers benefits the most through face to face interaction to see and understand our solutions and services. Kepro Solutions frequently participate in industry events and host seminar workshops to directly interact with IT professionals across enterprises and corporate companies.