Empower your grid with our innovative energy storage system, making energy reliable, efficient, and accessible 24/7.

Empower your grid with our innovative energy storage system, making energy reliable, efficient, and accessible 24/7.

Energy Storage System

Our Energy Storage System (ESS) is a cutting-edge solution engineered to elevate the efficiency and reliability of power systems across industrial and commercial energy usage scenarios. Central to our Energy Storage System are the Battery Pack (PACK) and Battery Management System (BMS), meticulously designed for seamless integration to guarantee the safe, efficient, and optimal utilization of stored energy.

Our system is comprised of sophisticated power cabinets and battery cabinets. Its modular architecture offers unmatched scalability and flexibility, rendering it ideal for a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial applications. This system can be strategically deployed across various scenarios to facilitate peak shaving and valley filling, alongside dynamic expansion capabilities. It plays a pivotal role in stabilizing the grid, enabling electricity cost saving by data-driven demand management, and providing a robust contingency plan for unforeseen electricity supply interruptions.

Our Products

Outdoor Single-Cabinet

Our outdoor single-cabinet products are powered by high-performance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries, boasting an impressive cycle life of up to 8,000 charges. These units are equipped with an active balancing solution and built-in cloud connectivity, enabling comprehensive remote maintenance and system status monitoring. With a capacity of up to 215kWh per unit, they are exceptionally suited for high-visibility projects such as demonstrations and displays. Additionally, our products feature an integrated transportation and installation design, streamlining on-site setup. This not only significantly reduces the construction timeline but also lowers associated costs, making it an efficient and effective solution for a variety of outdoor energy storage needs.

String Product

Our String products are engineered with high-performance LFP cells, promising a robust cycle life of up to 8,000 charges. They feature an active balancing solution and are equipped with cloud-based technology for remote maintenance and monitoring, ensuring full system management. A single unit boasts a substantial 366 kWh capacity, and with support for parallel connectivity, these systems can address a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from 215 kWh to 2.58 MWh. Our String products are designed with an integrated transport solution, simplifying the installation process to significantly reduce both time and costs associated with on-site construction.

Cabinet type power products

Our Cabinet Type Power Products are designed with power-type batteries from leading domestic suppliers, incorporating a comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS), advanced temperature control, environmental control, fire safety, efficient lighting, and a grounding system. The lineup includes three container models — 20HC, 30HC, and 40HC — with capacities ranging from 1.89MWh to 5.22MWh, designed to cater to a diverse array of customer capacity requirements. These power products are the epitome of versatility and reliability, ensuring optimal performance across various applications.

Battery PACK

Our Battery module features an independent air duct system design and a built-in independent cooling fan for optimal temperature regulation. The air room supports 13-level frequency conversion speed regulation function, ensuring efficient operation. The capacity of a single module is as high as 21.50kWh. The module is constructed using 5VA-grade fireproof material, offering safety by limiting heat propagation. The double-protection design of the pack and battery box shell ensures durability, safeguarding against shock and vibration, and contributes to the overall longevity and reliability of the product.

Photovoltaic Storage Charging and Testing System
DC Busbar Energy Storage Charging

The Photovoltaic Storage Charging and Testing System is an advanced DC Busbar Energy Storage Charging solution, expertly engineered to address the increasing needs of electric vehicle charging where existing power distribution is inadequate. Our pioneering system introduces a hybrid busbar structure – a first in the industry – integrating solar energy, storage, and charging into one seamless operation via a DC busbar. This design not only enhances storage and charging efficiency by up to 1-2% over traditional AC busbars but also enables dynamic allocation of charging power and energy storage capacity, aligning with the specific demands of application scenarios. This system is not only powerful and flexible but also prioritizes safety and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for modern energy storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

V2G Charging Pile
DC Busbar Energy Storage Charging

Our V2G Charging Pile with DC Busbar Energy Storage Charging is a smart solution that harnesses the power batteries of large-scale electric vehicles to store and supply energy for the grid. This system facilitates an innovative vehicle-to-grid interaction, reducing the impact of renewable energy integration on the grid, and is crucial for reaching carbon neutrality goals.

By leveraging the collective storage capabilities of electric vehicles in residential and office areas, our V2G technology supports key grid services such as peak-valley arbitrage, dynamic capacity increase, load-side response, and provides emergency power supply with seamless V2G management. Our product leads the way, being the first to offer a comprehensive range of V2G charging and discharging products, deploying them across China to create a more resilient and efficient energy network.

Key Features

Modular design

Our product adopts modular design, offering seamless integration and transport, ensuring simplicity and convenience. It also supports the parallel use of multiple units, enhancing flexibility and scalability for a wide range of applications.

Flexible configuration

Our product features intelligent constant temperature control and a high-protection structural design, making it ideal for outdoor environments. Equipped with a built-in Energy Management System (EMS), it offers multiple operating modes to suit a variety of requirements.

Cloud technology

Our system leverages cloud technology to enable remote monitoring capabilities. It is equipped with batteries capable of 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD) for deep discharge cycles, maintaining a life span of over 6,500 cycles under standard operating conditions.

Safety and reliability

Our system incorporates hierarchical linkage protection to ensure comprehensive security. Designed with a CS anti-corrosion grade, it is suited to a wide range of application environments, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

Projects with our products

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