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What do we do?

Karin Group stands at the forefront of IWMS (Integrated Workspace Management System) provision in Hong Kong, delivering an extensive suite of solutions that encompass Facility Management, Space and Workplace Management, Real Estate Management, Tenants and Leasing Management, HealthCare Management, and NGO Management. Our expertise extends to ERP, CRM, HRMS, and Big Data integration services, coupled with professional consulting and ongoing maintenance support. We serve a diverse clientele, including corporations, government entities, public utilities, and NGOs across the Asia Pacific region.

Kepro Australia, as a subsidiary of Karin Group, collaborates with other group companies to deliver comprehensive smart technology solutions, seamlessly incorporating a range of IoT sensors such as LoRa, Zigbee, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), along with IT infrastructure, networking, and security systems.

Our Services

Smart Solution
design and integration

Leverage our extensive design and integration experience with enterprises to revolutionize your spaces, facilities, and services. Our expertise in intelligent automation is designed to deliver exceptional outcomes, enhancing efficiency and performance across your organization. We are committed to working closely with you, ensuring every aspect of your operation is optimized to the highest standards of excellence.

Digital Twin
consultant and integration

Drawing on our experience with a diverse range of clients, we specialize in comprehending the unique logic of your business operations and meticulously analyzing your needs, considering both feasibility and timing. Our expertise extends to working with legacy systems and integrating data aggregation to deliver superior visual outcomes, ensuring a tailored approach that reflects the learned best practices from our extensive client portfolio.

application development

Share with us the projects you're currently involved in or envisioning. Our PaaS (Platform as a Service) integrated platform is designed to simplify your technological needs, making the selection and implementation process seamless. We're committed to understanding your unique requirements and guiding you towards the most effective solutions, with the same passion and dedication we apply to our own endeavors. Our platform's ease of use and comprehensive support ensure your projects thrive effortlessly.

Use cases overview

Smart Toilet and Feedback

We deploy system with sensors to identify occupancy of the restroom and automatically activate or deactivate the lighting as needed. The system can also detect unpleasant odors and prompt the Air Handling Unit to cycle out the extracted air and introduce clean, fresh air.

HVAC and Ventilation Controls

We engineer solutions to boost your HVAC system's efficiency, focusing on energy conservation, improved air quality, increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism by integrating occupancy, temperature, and humidity data.

Water Leakage Detection

Our water leakage detection technology swiftly identifies leaks, reducing water wastage and preventing costly repairs. Additionally, connecting with our data analytics platform could further enable facility managers to analyze usage trends and identify further opportunities for conservation.

Smart Lighting and Occupancy sensing

Our system measures the amount of natural light entering a space and adjusts the intensity of artificial lights or simply turn off to maintain optimal illumination levels. It automatically turns off lights when spaces are unoccupied, according to schedules or based on occupancy sensing.

Smart Gardening System

Our system changes the temperature, wetness, and light automatically using live sensor data to provide optimal growth conditions for the plants. It facilitates customization for different types of plants and maximizes yield from each harvest with reduced resources waste. Farmers get clear and useful info to help them make informed decision inline with their tailor farming practices.

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