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tenant profile

Tenant Profile Management

You can easily add, edit & manage tenant information with the use of SmartNow tenants. You can manage tenant’s contact, billings and contracts by one click and save you major time and headache in the future.

Online Payment

Able to send tenants billings notification through mobile app/ SMS with payment QR code. Tenants can settle the payment by different payment gateway by one click. SmartNow tenants will store the auto-reconciliation record.

online payment

Recurring Payment Reminder

SmartNow tenants can highly reduce admin workload in payment sending and cross-checking with unpaid record every day. As system will keep track on renewal period and send out payment reminder with payment link in SMS/ email to tenant.

Facility Booking

Allows tenants to reserve facility or service thought the tenant portal with a helpful calendar view. Tenant is able to book and settle the payment anytime anywhere by few steps on mobile.

marketing campaign

Marketing Campaign Management

SmartNow tenants has the tools you need to run effective inbound marketing campaigns that help you create awareness, generate sales, and accelerate growth.

Payment Process Automation

Property owner is able to customize a one-time payment link with SMS/ email order, invoice & transaction architecture support. Our payment gateway can support online and offline payment.


service circle

Service Circle

Marketplace lists all product and service within a service circle that integrated with payment gateway and delivery platform. Property owner can easily manage customers and orders set up promotion campaign on our CMS.


SmartNow tenants is not only able to stand alone, but also able to integrate with your existing system or other 3rd parties system, such as Salesforce, SAP, Workday, Oracle and so on.


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