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Membership Management

  • Retain complete and up-to-date member/ volunteer records
  • New registration, current, past, cross-centers and renewal member management

Case Management

  • Customizable case lifestyle management
  • Multiple users to approve and review
  • File upload and track the assessment, meeting and referral record

Event Management

  • Covers pre-event, at-event, and post- event solution
  • Online enrollment and approval
  • Different parties within the organization to co- manage the event
  • Comprehensive reports to review the performance and provide insights

Project Management

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Project timeline
  • All-round task management and team collaboration
  • Comprehensive reports cover time spent, cost and budgeting

Donor Management

  • Donor record keeping
  • Donor lifecycle analytics
  • Automatic email receipts
  • Email marketing
  • Donation Reporting

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