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Hospitality Management System

  • Personal data management of residents
  • Medical records and nursing records of residents
  • Central drug management and management

Dispensing reminder function

  • Ensure the accuracy of both dispensing and taking time
  • Avoid errors caused by manual records
  • Intimate drug delivery reminder to avoid delay in drug delivery

Customized "3 Checks 5 Rights"
audit management

  • An exclusive medication list according to the status of the resident, such as preparing medications and outside medications, etc.
  • Clear electronic medical records assists with “3 Checks 5 Rights” to avoid Dispensing errors
  • Barcode print out of resident’s name and medicine box in real time

Follow-up consultation record system

  • User-friendly interface of calendar with clear residents information
  • Instant upload, latest follow-up consultation records checking to follow up the status of residents

Access records

  • Electronic roll call function with IoT sensors;
  • Real-time access records to ensure the safety of residents.

Medical documents export function

  • Nurse reporting system to upload accident records, nursing work records and annual nursing plan;
  • Real-time export of medical reports such as medicine paper, consultation paper, doctor’s reply slip, etc.

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