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Our Industrial Materials & Instrumentation (IMI) business has been focusing across the Greater China market and Singapore on industrial components and delivering product solutions that shapes industries. We have vast engineering experiences in working with major projects. From cabling equipment to power devices, for industries ranging from telecommunications to transportation systems.


Product Category Brand Name Product
Battery Shin-Kobe Nickel Cadmium Cylindrical
Rechargeable Battery
Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
Connector Phoenix Contact Industrial Connector
PCB Connector
Surge Protection Device
Terminal Block
Power Semi-Conductor IXYS – click for more details Diodes
Discrete Thyristors
Multi-Chip Power Modules
Silicon Schottky Diode
Switching Regulator
Switching Transistor Power IC
Ultra-Fast Reverse Recovery Diode
Power Semiconductor Shindengen – click for more details Diodes
Power Module / MOSFETs / IGBT
Power ICs
Power Zeners
Surge Absorbers
Power Supply Cosel AC / DC Power Supply
DC / DC Power Supply
Process Automation Phoenix Contact Signal Converter & Interbus System
Special Application Cable IMI Kabel Compensating Cable
Data and Computer Cable
Flexible Control Cable
Heat-Resistant Cable
Lifting Cable
VDE-Approved PVC Control Cable