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Hirose Hong Kong Distributor

Karin Electronic Supplies Co. Ltd. is a distributor of Hirose connectors.   Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading global supplier of innovative interconnects, employing advanced engineering services, superior customer support and worldwide manufacturing capabilities to provide value-based connector solutions for various industries including: industrial, telecommunication, consumer electronics, computer and automotive.

Hirose Circular Connector

Circular Connectors

Hirose Co-axial Connector

Co-axial Connectors

Hirose Interface Connector

Interface Connectors

Hirose Nylon Connector

Nylon Connectors

Hirose Optical Fiber Connector

Optical Fiber Connectors

Hirose printed circuit connector

Printed Circuit Connectors

Hirose RF Connectors

RF Connectors

Hirose Optical Fiber Connectors

Optical Fiber Connectors

Hirose Rectangular Connectors

Rectangular Connectors

Hirose RF Connector

RF Connectors