Mission & Vision

It's What We Do

Track Record

Strong profit track record:
Profit for the last 40 years, even during the financial crises of 1997 and 2009

Investor Return

Regular and attractive dividend payout: 130.0% of IPO proceeds paid back to public shareholders form 2005 to date


Sound management philosophy:
Good risk and financial control strategies in place


Clear cut strategies to deliver growth: Continuous expansion of product and service ranges horizontally and vertically + exploitation of recession proof businesses

Future Plans

We aim to position ourselves as one of the leading solution providers in Hong Kong and in the PRC, which distributes a wide range of electronic components and computer products and peripherals, and provides IC software application design solutions and IT infrastructure services and computer data storage management solutions to our customers. To achieve our business objectives, we plan to adopt the following strategies for further development of our Group:

Leveraging on our established Hong Kong and PRC distribution networks, our strategy is to focus on the provision of IT infrastructure services and computer data storage management solutions and other value-added consultancy and after-sales services to our customers using our wide range of computer products and solutions. We will continue to develop and introduce new IT infrastructure services and computer data storage management solutions that compete effectively in terms of price and timing while at the same time satisfy the ever-changing requirements of our customers.

Our Group will expand and enhance the capabilities of our IC Application Design business segment by recruiting additional engineers to establish a library of application features and to focus on the development of new IC software application design solutions that provide advanced product features and customised functions. In particular, we intend to concentrate on the development of such solutions for our existing four major market segments, namely toys, consumer electronics, telecommunication products and multimedia products.

To capture the growing market of the PRC, we plan to expand our presence in the PRC by establishing four additional liaison offices in Qingdao, Chongqing, Chengdu and Guangzhou so as to better serve our existing and prospective customers in a timely and effective manner. We also intend to work closely with our existing and potential customers and suppliers as strategic partners to further increase our market share in the PRC.

We believe that offering a wide range of electronic components to meet our customers’ different requirements is crucial to our Group’s success. Our Group will therefore continue to identify and engage appropriate suppliers to expand our product range. Our Group will also continue to identify new products and suppliers with good distribution and market potential for inclusion in our existing database.


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