[Event Review] SUSE Rancher x Alibaba Cloud x SST: Simplifying Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Management Hands-On Workshop

【Simplifying Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Management with #SUSE #Rancher x #AlibabaCloud 】

Thank you to all who participated in our hands-on workshop last week. Hope you all learnt how to deploy Rancher to provide and manage Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 ( #RKE2 ) on cloud providers like Alibaba Cloud. In addition, SUSE Rancher can centrally configure authentication and access control, security, backups, upgrades, observability and alerts.

If you want to know more about SUSE Rancher and Alibaba Cloud, please contact us at: marketing@sstech.com.hk

#Kubernetes #K8s #MultiCluster #OpenSource


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